Personal Development Workshop

For those that just need a little help to get to the next step!

Why personal development

Are you tired of letting your life just happen to you? Do you wish you could get up each day and tell it what it was going to do for you instead? Do you wish you had a clear plan and mission for where you want to go? Would you like to easily set guilt-free boundaries? This is what personal development can do for you and this workshop is a great first step to get started!

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What you need

- 1 hour for the video workshop
- Paper and writing tool or digital note-taking program

What you get

- A 1 hour video workshop that walks you through your year lookback and a summary of setting goals that matter
- Instruction and encouragement on how to take the daily steps to meet your goals

Use code "meplease" to receive $10 off!

What they're saying

Use code "meplease" to receive $10 off!